A Multi-discipline Digital Care Platform

Collaborative Care Portal

Referred to as Helios- this is an integrated web portal that brings together Care Teams from Chronic care management (CCM), Medication Management (MDM) and Behavioral Care Management (BCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). It includes several key features including:
Referral Input

New referrals are entered for initial tracking and assessment


Initial assessments, insurance validations and signatures

Case Management

Assignment of patients to coaches and their dashboard views

Care Manager

Detail view of a patient that manages all care activities

  • Care Plan- Disease based protocols driven care plans with goals
  • Progress Notes- Monthly patient progress notes
  • Quality of Life Measures- Monthly QOL surveys
  • Sub-Specialty care Notes- Notes from nutritionist, diabetic care etc.
  • Billing summaries- Monthly billing summary of each patient
  • Next Call scheduler- Scheduler for follow-up call
  • Insight- Summary of overall care, engagement and patient status

Integrated monthly reporting that includes all the conditions, notes and progress status of patient. This can be viewed and signed by the physician in their section of the portal.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Seamlessly integrated within Helios the RPM module has the ability to monitor biometrics of Blood pressure, weight, temperature, sleep and activity. All devices are connected to a cellular hub and transmit data to the Wellpop cloud. From here the data is displayed in the patient record and the health coaches can thus see a fully integrated view of the patient. The mobile apps can generate notifications, reminders and provide insightful dashboards for the patient to track their progress.

Mobile Apps

The mobile apps provide role based access to Helios. The apps provide streamlined functionality for the roles and includes key areas like medication list, health progress, chat and video calling and alerts and notifications.

The four roles are:

  • Care Team
  • Physician
  • Patient
  • Family

Predictive Analytics Engine

Referred as Clarity, the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) based module provides insightful analysis to the data collected in the portal and solves focused issues in patient care.