Wellpop is founded by a team deeply embedded in delivering best-in-class care management to high-risk and high-cost patients. We understood early that this population needed high-touch care. The development of the Wellpop platform is thus also rooted in our commitment to make a difference in healthcare for both patients (and their families) and providers.

Our Foundation Pillars

Holistic View of Care

Framework for effective care coordination between interdisciplinary providers, biometric and other monitoring devices and include clinical and nonclinical management of services that contribute to a person’s health.

Health Risk Management

Implement a personcentric individualized goal centered plan of care with effective evaluation using assessments and interventions to meet their health needs

Connected healthcare experience

Manage care coordination with effective collaboration using tools and technologies providing an enhanced experience in care management

Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics Engine

Use of machine learning and AI based predictive analytics to manage chronic conditions, alerts and clinical pathways.

The patient Centric Digital Platform

As we collaborated with our physicians, patients, families, pharmacists and ACO health management leaders it became clear that Helios needed to manage care coordination, care delivery, patient (and family) engagement and an “intelligent” runway for care givers to assist in streamlining the care process. We thus evolved into a patient centric model.

The Multi-discipline Digital Care Platform

The Wellpop platform now hosts multiple roles, care planning, assessments, remote patient monitoring, quality of life surveys and mobile apps for engagement for all roles.
We are now working on integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to provide tools like predictive and prescriptive analytics to the care team